Water testing and water treatment in Nova Scotia

Water Quality and Water Treatment in Elmsdale

Two water utilities are located in East Hants and the communities of Elmsdale, Enfield, Lantz and Shubenacadie have approximately 2,500 water service connections. Some problems people in Elmsdale may experience with their water include:

  • Bacteria
  • Low pH
  • Uranium
  • Iron
  • Hard Water

If you live in the Elmsdale area and are experiencing any problems with your water, call Renu Water today at 902-800-4458for your free Elmsdale water testing.

Water Testing and Treatment In Elmsdale

The town of Elmsdale can be found on the boundaries of both Hants and Halifax counties in Nova Scotia. The community is divided by the Shubenacadie River, so part of Elmsdale belongs in the Halifax Regional Municipality while the other half belongs in the Municipality of the District of East Hants. The population of Elmsdale sits at around 3,000. The first house that was built in the area belonged to Alexander Fraser in 1852. The area started to grow due to the constructions of both the Shubenacadie Canal and the Nova Scotia Railway. New families were drawn to the area for work as these projects required hands. More houses started to be built along with a hotel and a boarding house for those who worked on the railway. Thus, Elmsdale began to grow as a community.

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